Sunday, November 05, 2006

On Holiday

Or as we in America like to call it, On Vacation. I think I like the European title and so will use it for this brief jont to the mountains with my DH. He is giving a presentation tomorrow and Tuesday to the N.C. Society of Tax Professionals.

So we started off today at 2 p.m. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive from our house to Reidville Road in Spartanburg. (Excellent, almost a new record for me. I have made it from my parents house all the way to IOP (that's Isle of Palms for all you non-Charlestonians) in three hours.

So DH and I had dinner with my parents at Outback. Very poor service and might I say skimpy on their salads. So after that quick break we headed on up the hills. Too bad most of our winter clothes are in storage. Can you say brrrr..............?????

So we are now in the lovely Mariott Renaissance hotel in downtown Asheville. I haven't a clue what I shall be doing tomorrow while the hubby is away. (probably sleep, read, and watch t.v.)

After D.H. is finished with his group we are going for a drive down the Parkway (i.e. The BlueRidge Parkway) to see some fall color. Since we live in Charleston, there isn't very much fall color around us. Unless you count the slight browning of the Palmetto trees as they shed the older fronds for new ones.

DH surprised me a few weeks ago with tickets to Candelight Christmas so at 5:30 we will be dining at the Deerparkrestaurant on Biltmore Estate and then will enter the house at 7:30 for the Christmas Candelight Tour at Biltmore. I am so excited. We used to be passholders but aren't anymore. Christmas is the only season I have not seen Biltmore, usually because I wasn't paying the extra money to see it at night and I can't stand crowds nor heavy traffic. Every time I have tried to go I have gotten backed up on I-40. Sorry, but if it's backed up that far, it isn't worth it.

So I brought the warmest skirt I currently have in my closet and hopefully with layers, will be warm enough.

I also hope to have a little time to blog a bit.

I see that SCGG [slacker! ;) ] got a job (Congrats!), BTCM is almost to the end of the alphabet (beautiful moon this month, btw. should have seen it low in the horizon and beautiful in Chas, and looking great here in NC), and Napoleon is still off having "fun" at law school. Btw, your blog makes me want to run out and eat seafood somewhere.

Well...I better go. DH has ironed each of his shirts and is on to polishing his shoes. I might be able to get him to iron my shirts before I slip in to something a little more "comfortable" and left over from our honeymoon.

Hey.....this is a vacation!!! ;)


Beneath the Carolina Moon said...[Reply]

Day trippin' weekenders is what we've had. But the moon? Oh yeah, we had a mountain view also all beneath the beautiful Carolina moon!

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