Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Look

Ok, so I've made some changes to the blog. Some I like that blogger did, others will take me weeks to correct. Anyways, I am adding stuff to fit my "new life" as a Stay At Home Mom.

One thing you will notice is new music. This is only temporary as I love this song right now. It was used as a promo for my new FAVORITE Addicted show - MOONLIGHT. It is a must for DH and me to see on Friday nights.

Baby is crying - more later!!

Update -

Ok, Joshua has had his bath and is swaddled, rocked, sang to and is sleeping with his daddy while I stay up cleaning up the house from dinner. THis is pretty much my only "me" time as Joshua takes up all of my day and night.

You might be thinking - wow, she watches a lot of tv. Yep. I know I am probably putting a bad light on SAHMs right now, but currently my 9 week old only eats, poops, and rarely sleeps - at least during the day. He can not entertain himself for long periods of time right now - but it is getting better. So, since I am breastfeeding (and bottle feeding) I can't do much else then sit and watch. I've tried reading, but sometimes my little one likes to "play" with his food and it is distracting looking back and forth between the book and him.

Well, have to get to work so that I can get some sleep before the little wakes up for his early morning snack!


i beati said...[Reply]

Joshua pictures requested..Is he the greatest baby ever?maybe one was greater come to think of it ..happy blessed Christmas

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