Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Easter

Wow, so it's been over a month since Easter and I thought I had posted this, but I guess I didn't. Oops!!!!

I also have a GREAT new Sequel to the Amazing posts regarding my brother and the EWHB (Evil Wicked Hose Beast). BUT, I'm not going to post until my dear friend ScGirlyGrl posts something on her blog. So if you want to read something sad yet hilarious, then step on over HERE and leave her a message to post SOMETHING on her much neglected blog. :)

Until then, hope you enjoy these:


Sandy Kessler said...[Reply]

how blessed you are - all I can say

Sandy Kessler said...[Reply]

omg tweaking the mustache and heart and reading the card can he have grown that much ??

Jennifer said...[Reply]

We are extremely blessed! I know, I can't believe he is already 6 months old! We are getting ready for his 6 month well baby visit with the Pediatrician right now.

But I LOVE these photos. The card is one of my favorites. I snapped at several frames per minute. It was a great shot looking like he was reading. And of course the next shot is that card going right into his mouth!! LOL.

He also changed his smile to show off his teeth. Too funny!

And he LOVES my father and always has to look for him.

I will post a 6 month review later!

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...[Reply]

Joshua, is just too cute. What a kewl kid!

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