Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patterns for a Cause

A couple of years ago, I joined an awesome online community of like-minded women. Now, I've joined a lot of online groups over the last 3 years, but this is by far my favorite group. I have laughed & cheered with them during triumphs, sobbed during their sorrows, oohed and aahed over their creative ingeniousness, and even been pea green with envy from time to time. :)

The leader of this rag-tag bunch of home-ec missfits, is an awesome woman named Berritt. Berritt is the kind of woman who says it like it is. If you compared her to a wild-west figure, you would say she "shoots from the hip." When she posts, you stand up and take notice.

Well, last week we all stood up and took notice. Berritt's awesome husband of 9 years was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia or CML. The good new is that it is in a treatable and manageable stage. The bad news is that they do not have prescription medicine insurance. This lifesaving treatment is going to cost the family $7500 a MONTH. Yes, a month.

So when the outpouring of love started to build, and ideas were being strung about for fundraisers, donations, and love offerings; Berritt politely declined. Instead she asked for prayers and for us to help promote her business. Berritt is one of those aforementioned goddesses that brings out the green-eyed monster. From her wicked photography skills, to her pattern creating genius, Berritt is who I want to be when I grow up.

Berritt has two online stores right now. Lille Skapet is a great little store for patterns for that little princess in your life. No princess in your life? Head over to Birdiful Stitches and check out her awesome patterns for cameras, DSLR and SLR lens cases, and even carriers and covers for your Nook/Kindle/E-reader. 

These are my favorites right now. How cool are my Nikon lenses going to be in these little bags all pretty in my Tamarac Expedition backpack? And I will have to sew some up for DH and his "new" lenses since I gave him my kit lenses when I upgraded my glass.

Can't sew or don't see anything that really gets your money burning a hole in your pocket? Say a prayer for this family and pass on the info to all your friends. Don't forget to add them to your prayer circles and prayer lists.



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