Friday, June 15, 2007

New Toy

Every now and then, you just need to get a new toy. (That and the fact that I had a fairly modest settlement check from the sale of my home, burning a hole in my savings account.)

Anyhoo, I used to be fairly big into my photography. And was getting quite good and active before I met me sweet honey. So now we are looking at our little man on his way and realizing that both of us are big shutterbugs and there is no way we could pay the bills with umpteen rolls of film to purchase and develop on a monthly basis. For those of you with children - you know what I mean. Pictures of little Johnny's first gas smile, first poop, first snot nose bubble, etc...

Several years ago I said I was not going to digital - and I wasn't until "they" had decent SLR cameras with high resolution. Yes, I know picky, picky. but, I haven't touched a "point and shoot" since I left High School.

So after much deliberation, I chose this:

The Nikon D200. It looks like it is going to be an awesome camera. I haven't eve used Nikons before, having preferred Minoltas, but Minolta was purchased by Sony and hasn't really come out with anything new lately.

Here are a few links about the new camera:
Nikon's website

Digital Photography Review

So I am thrilled. Will have my new toy sometime next week - just in time for our Babymoon to the Mountains of North Carolina!!!


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