Tuesday, June 19, 2007

UPDATE on Fire Fighters

Cpt William Hutchison with
Cpt Mike Binky 29
Cpt.Lewis Mulkie
Engineer Mark Kelsie
Engineer brad Beatty
Asst. Engineer Michael French
Fire Fighter James Earl Drayton
Fire Fighter Brandon Thompson
Fire Fighter Melvin Champagne

Lost their lives tragically and heroically yesterday.

**names may be misspelled as I am typing while listening to the news.**


A Fund has been established

The Charleston City Firefighter fund
PO Box 304
Charleston, SC 29402
or go to any branch of Bank of America


SC GirlyGrl said...[Reply]

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your city. My sweetie and I consider it a second home in many ways.

sandy said...[Reply]

I come back again and again to see the smiling peceful ultra sound. How i love it . Thank tyou for the firefighter address.

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