Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Comments to Beneaththecarolinamoon

in one of my last posts, Dread made some interesting comments that I thought I would answer.

1. Designer diapers - yep, they aren't the kind your mamma used! And I love them. Now I do have the plain ole boring prefold diapers. They are the kind you have to pin (even though pins aren't used anymore) and need a cover (you dont' use plastic pants either).

2. White versus color - When DS has a poopy diaper I do one of two things first. I either shake out any solid formed poppies into the toilet or if there isn't anything really solid - I throw it in the wash. I always do a cold rinse/prewash, followed by a hot wash then cold rinse. The diapers come out clean. Actually, even with all of my diapers being pre-owned, most of the stains on my Kushies and Bumgenious are Butt Paste stains. now there are stains on my prefolds. Yes you can use bleach, but you don't want to use it often. 1. because it can cause some pretty bad rashes with sensitive skin babies, and 2. it breaks down the fibers. What I am going to do is wash then lay them outside to dry. This is called Sunning and all the stains magically disappear.

3. Fad diapers - Yes there are fad diapers in the diapering world. One is called Mutts (www.muttaqinbaby.com) I have personally seen this happen with these diapers. I had a little bit of money in Jan and found out she was having a stocking (where you upload your stock to your hyenacart for sale). So I registered at hyenacart (www.hyenacart.com - an online mall for work at home moms) and waited until the stocking time. So I logged on and within 14 minutes ALL of the diapers were sold. there were 220 shoppers on her one page. It dwindled down to 168 for the diapers I wanted. They were AIO diapers that had embroidery. They were beautiful! one was a peapod and had Sweetpea, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, some celestial themes, etc. The stocking was at say 5:30. I literally refreshed the page and at 5:30:02 they WERE ALL SOLD!!! I screamed and DH was like, What? And I was like "they're gone!!!!!"

THere are more fad diapers like GADS (Green Acre Designs) which I need to check on b/c that mama said she might make some St Patrick's Day diapers. There are Goodmammas which a mother is offering to sell me a brand new one for $33.

There are also things like Crankypants which can go for $90 and up. i was hoping to trade my hypnobabies set for a set of crankies for my wee beastie, but I didn't I am getting two pairs of custom knit longies. They are being made now. YAY!! Keep checking back for an update on that!!

We might be coming to the Upstate for a function with my great-aunt. She is celebrating 20 years playing the piano at her church. We want to go but with all the Flu and Pertussis going around up there we are uncertain. I also need to get to the Jockey Lot as there is something there we have to get to match our longies.

Hmmm...Did that peak your interest???? Keep checking back!!! LOL


Beneath the Carolina Moon said...[Reply]

Holy cow! To paraphrase Dr. Seuse; and to think it all started with poop.


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