Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Diaper Stash

So here is our stash. Starting from the top we have a container that contains most of our prefolds - infant and premium. I also have large sized Kushies and Thirsties covers as well as two large Thirsties fitted diapers

On the next shelf in the left hand basket are my fitteds. I have my medium Kushies fitteds then the three Under the Nile fitteds then the green Little Beetle fitted and the purplish blue Baby Beehinds fitted on top of the basket.

On the right side of the shelf are my covers in their basket. We have Bummis Super whisper wrap in white and Froggy pond, followed by my Thirsties covers in white, blue and green, then I have our wool - a Stacinator, Aristocats, Little Beetle, Baby Beehinds and a WAHM shorties.

The Bottom shelf is a couple of premium and infant prefolds stacked then my basket of All in ones. I have Kushies One Size and Bumgenius 2.0 One size in Buttercup, Twilight, and Grasshopper.

Hanging are my two wet bags. A blue WAHM and a green Swaddlebees.

Missing are my chocolate brown with blue snaps Mommy's Touch One Size All in One (my favorite diaper), and 3 more grasshopper Bumgenius 2.0 and a couple more Kushies. They are all in the diaper pail except the Mommy's Touch as it is waiting for DS to wake up so I can put it in him for bed.


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