Friday, June 12, 2009

Diapering fitting tutorial

So here is John-Michael in various NB diapers. These were all taken when he was roughly a month old and btwn 9 and 10lbs (all of the lower pictures). For some reason I don't have a picture of a KL0. I will have to get that, but he is almost 11 lbs now. He has only worn 1 sposie diaper and that was his very first diaper that they put on in the nursery while I was finishing my c-section. Once we got to our recovery room, that came off and the wonderful squishiness was put on!!

Here is his first diaper. It was a DDNB orange. I appliqued a matching shirt for this as well. The diaper was pretty large at first and one reason why I went to the reds to wear. He was 7lbs 9oz at birth.

Here he is in the XS Thirsties AIO on the day he came home. He was 6lbs and 15oz in this picture.

Here he is at a week old and weighing 7lbs and 2oz (roughly). It is a KL0

here he is in a DD NB red diaper. This was taken 2 days after the above picture.

This picture shows the XS Thirsties cover. Taken same day as photo above.

Some thoughts - the Darling Diaper Free NB pattern in the red was my favorite along with KL0s when John-Michael was first born. They were easy to sew up and fit great. I made them with 4 layers each (1 knit, 2 flannel (or one flannel and one sherpa), sharpa (wicking layer) or crushed panne for wicking layer. I also made some lay in soakers for more absorbancy. Once the umbilical cord came off, the DDNB orange was my favorite.

The covers I used were Diaperaps NB (hospital version and regular version) and Thirsties XS. That is a BSWW in Small in the Froggy pattern under the Little Beetle.

He is almost 11lbs now and can still wear all of the diapers I made and all of the ones below. The DDNBs that I made with Aplix don't fit as well anymore then the ones with snaps.

Tootie Tushies Small Pocket

Tootie Tushies AI2

LIttle Beetle Fitted Size 1

XS Thirsties AIO

Unknown white edged prefold (in btwn orange and green edged in size)

Orange edged (NB) GreenMountainDiapers (GMD) prefold

Darling Diapers NB (free pattern - orange)

darling Diapers NB (Free pattern - red)

Bumgenius 3.0 OS, smallest rise setting, regular insert


Tina said...[Reply]

What was your favorite out of the bunch? I'm making a few diapers for a baby that isn't here yet. So far I have a few Jalie and I might go with the Darling Diaper free pattern next. So i'm looking for some input.

Ally said...[Reply]

Such a sweet little baby! Thanks for sharing your experience for the newborn stage. =)

Meredith said...[Reply]

Great pics - what a sweet little guy. I'm curious what you used to make your external soakers...thanks!

i beati said...[Reply]

precious precious with the cat and dad, and oh my the embrace below. How blessed!1sandy

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