Sunday, June 07, 2009

Joshua's First Haircut

So yesterday we took Joshua to Bangs 'N Bows Hair Boutique in Mt. Pleasant for Joshua's first haircut. It was a cute little salon dedicated to children. It was pricey, but for a first haircut, the expense was worth it.

Too interested in the train table to look up at Mommy and show off his haircut.


The Divine Miss N said...[Reply]

How Absolutely Adorable! How are y'all doing? We miss y'all and think of y'all often. He has just grown so much! Congratulations on the new baby. He is adorable. I've tried to send you emails, but for some reason they keep coming back to me. I've wanted to call you, but with a new baby I thought you'd be a little on the swamped side.

Hopefully we'll make it your way sometime soon. I'm ready for a vacation (as always)! Oh, and tell Joshua yes he is to young for that! Although, I'm sure Earle would give him a high five and tell him way to go!

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