Monday, January 02, 2012

Help Save Veronica Capobianco!!

Look at this sweet face. This is Veronica. She is 2. She is 4 months younger than my John-Michael. Tonight her Mommy & Daddy are missing her.

Veronica was in the process of being adopted, when at the 11th hour, the Cherokee Nation stepped in and halted the adoption. Court rulings now made this little girl to be taken from the only home she has never known, and driven 1100 miles away to Oklahoma.

In 1830, the United States instituted the Indian Removal Act of 1830. In 1838, the Cherokee nation was forced to move to Oklahoma. The Cherokee call the event Nu na da ul tsun yi—“the Place Where They Cried." Now, 174 years later, the Cherokee Nation made this two year old child embark on her own Trail of Tears, due to the abuse of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1977. On New Years Eve, she was taken from her Mommy & Daddy, put into a truck with strangers, and driven 1100 miles away to Oklahoma.

Please go to Save and join the fight. Spread the news on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and message boards.

Saint Thomas More, Saint Clotilde, Saint William of Rochester, pray for this family & for this adoption!


Mamma Cluck said...[Reply]

Tweeted and re-posted on my blog. :( Be sure to sign the petition on!!

Murasaki Sunshine said...[Reply]

I was a former supporter of the Capobiancos. Then I found out that they never adopted Veronica legally. That voids their right to her. Secondly, their smear campaign using Veronica for profit has made me lose all sympathy for them. They have behaved in a disgusting manner.

Jennifer said...[Reply]


The Capobianco's were in the process of adopting Veronica, when it was halted. This is the only family she had ever known for over two years. Her father waived all rights to her and signed them away. Under South Carolina law, he had no rights at all (due to prebirth abandonment), and even the signed waiver was not needed. The only reason Veronica is living in Oklahoma right now is a little known federal law which was used in an way it was never intended.
Secondly, the Capobianco's have never engaged in any smear campaigns and are not using Veronica for profit in any way. The Cherokee nation, with their casinos have unlimited resources at their disposal. Fundraisers have been set up by other people here in Charleston and elsewhere to help raise money for the numerous legal fees to come.

Clare Palmatier said...[Reply]

Veronica was eventually returned to her father in Oklahoma. On September 23 2013, after living with her family in Oklahoma for twenty months, turning four and having recently been reintroduced to the Capobiancos she was taken from her family and forcibly returned again to South Carolina to live with the Capobiancos. The Capobiancos are currently suing Veronica's father Dusten, The Cherokee Nation and VERONICA HERSELF, while she is living with them. As a four year old (now five) she has no money of her own so the suit would have to be either for future earnings or the rights to her story. Here are the reactions of several adult adoptees upon learning the Veronica was being taken from her family and sent back to the Capobiancos.

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