Monday, June 18, 2012

Odyssey Restaurant - James Island

Last week, my bestie Beth, my dad, and I took all the munchkins to the South Carolina Aquarium and then out to lunch. We decided on a newly opened restaurant on Folly Road, Odyssey, for lunch.

Odyssey is a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant that is tucked away behind the CVS at Camp Road. Greek food is another one of my favorites, and there are plenty of gluten free choices to be had.

The inside is very nicely decorated and we were the only ones there for lunch. We know why.

For starters this restaurant does NOT have a lunchtime menu. So that means you are paying full dinner price on anything you order (unless you get just the sandwich price). It also took FOREVER to get our food. I think we were there close to two hours. And with 3 kids aged 6 and under, we did pretty well with the munchkins.

All that aside, I had a very yummy meal!! Beth and I chose the Dosa, while dad got the Sample Plate #2. A Dosa is a "warm crisp wrap made from rice and white split peas." With this, you get to choose 5 items. I chose - Feta Cheese, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Greek Potatoes, and Fresh Baby Spinach, and I added Gyros for an additional $2.50. Sorry, but with an $8.35 price meat SHOULD be one of the 10 options you have to choose from. Anyways, here is a picture of my yummy Dosa:

Mmmmm..... yummy!!! It also came with Tzatziki sauce and the Dosa really took the place of having Pita to dip. Mmmm.... Pita. Too bad Pita is wheat. LOL

Would I go to this restaurant again? YES!! Just only for dinner and (hopefully) sans kids. None of the children ate their meals which was disappointing.

If you are on the island and want Greek food, this is the place to go, especially for the Dosa. 


Mamma Cluck said...[Reply]

Dosa was very yummy. Nice option for a Gluten Free meal. Hopefully they will do a lunch time price and time soon. :)- Beth

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