Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spice Junction

So it's that time of year again!! It's right around my birthday so I get to choose where I want to eat for my birthday celebration. I LOVE Indian food. I have since the first bite over 13 years ago.  My husband is not partial to Indian food, he just doesn't have a well developed palate. :)

So during the week of my birthday, hubby was off in Columbia for work meetings. I drove up Thursday night to stay with him at the hotel before we left the next morning for Belmont Abbey and the IHM Carolina Catholic Homeschool Conference.

So deciding where I wanted to eat in Columbia was kind of hard at first. Then I found a listing for Spice Junction. From now on THIS is where we are going!!

 Sorry for the bad picture, this was taken through the front windshield of my Odyssey. There were lots of people around and looking at us funny. Spice Junction is located near the intersection of US 1 and Interstate 26 in West Columbia. It's in the Bi-Lo shopping strip and tucked away near the corner.

This is a no frills buffet. It's $8.99 per person. The decor is similar to that of a cafeteria with a few Indian nick nacks on the wall. What it lacks in decor it definitely makes up in food!! The buffet was large and ample. The owners were super nice and showed me each food that contained wheat in it, and even brought me my own "special rice" that I couldn't have on their bar (the regular basmati rice was fine).

It's all self served including the water. Just fill up your glasses and water pitcher and you are good to go! I LOVE having my own pitcher because I do usually drink an insane amount of water while eating - especially Indian food. At the restaurants here in Charleston, the Indian men don't seem like they want to wait on this Anglo girl, and I end up drinking mine and Joe's water before they come to refill the glasses.

Anyways, just LOOK at this plate. Can you not taste it through the screen?? Mmmmmm.... There is Tikka Masala on the bottom right, clockwise is Butter Chicken, buried is a piece of Tandori Chicken, then I want to say Chicken Curry, then Dal, and their scrumptious spinach & corn dish, and a big heaping of basmati rice in the center. And no, I did NOT eat everything on this plate - I was stuffed. My hubby, on the other hand, ate THREE plates. Yes, and he doesn't care much for Indian. This place is a WINNER!!

My only disappointment has been that before I was gluten free, I had to order Naan and pay extra for it and I got all the Pappadam that I wanted (which I don't much care for). Since becoming gluten free, everyone is giving away Naan, and you have to buy Pappadam. What's up with that??

I do hope the next time you are in Columbia, that you try out Spice Junction. If I have my way, this will be the only place we eat while there!! :)


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