Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Illegal Immigrants

I have been away from being able to blog for a couple of days and wanted to weigh in my opinions on this matter. First, and foremost, I have respect for all peoples of all nations, gender, creed, etc… We are a country that (unless you are Native American) is made up almost entirely of immigrants. Bishop Baker, in his Good Friday Homily said we should be good Christians and welcome this immigrants. I agree full heartedly that we should welcome them, but straight to the local immigration office so that they can go through the proper steps of becoming citizens.

All of our families came over from somewhere in some point in time. Whether it was from France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Slovak countries, etc… we all immigrated. But look at what our forefathers did. They did it according to the LAW. They became LEGAL citizens, most changed their name to sound “American”, and they all learned American English. They did not demand signs in French, Italian and Gaelic, etc… Could you imagine what would have happened to them? They would have been thrown out! Sent away on the next boat home. They even paid taxes on their wages. They did not expect a free ride. They expected to work for their “American Dream” and to be Americans.

Now, yes there are plenty of jobs in this country that I would not do, and they are welcome to them. But they should be citizens, or at least be documented and have a work permit, and be like everyone else. I was born, my parents got me a Social Security #, I went to work when I was 16 or 17. I have paid taxes on every job I have worked and I have filed taxes. I have paid into the failing Social Security plan. When I didn’t have health insurance – I had to pay the hospital bills. I’ve gotten no free ride from the government. These people do not pay income taxes, they do not pay Social Security, they do not help out with any social programs (Welfare, TANF, WIC, Food stamps, etc…), yet they take part in them. Why do you think it costs YOU so much money to go to the hospital? Because THEY go for free.

Every morning on my way to work, I see anywhere from 30-70 men standing around a gas station waiting for day labor. I have watched (while my husband gassed up across the street- we don’t support the other gas station at all) while trucks would pull up and these men would negotiate their pay for the day. Then they would hop in the back of the trucks and leave. I think the one of the ways to stop this problem is to go after these employers. While working for my former employer, I worked very closely with the SSA, and the HR dept. I quickly found out one way illegals are getting work. One way is by legitimate employers who are uneducated. Illegal immigrants found out that they can get a “Taxpayer Identification Number” from the IRS. They get a little card that looks like a SS Card but it’s issued by the IRS. And on it is a 9 digit number which looks just like a social. Only difference is that they start with either an 8 or a 9. Small time business owners wouldn’t notice. My former employer put out a company statement that unless they had a legitimate SS#, they wouldn’t be hired. That’s the way to go! These employers who hire (purposely) illegal immigrants should be penalized.

I hope that these protests are a “wake-up” call for Americans. I hope that by seeing these marches, we become more aware (by the sheer number of the masses) of how serious this problem is. I think that the laws of our nations should be enforced. Our police and government officials should use every force necessary to either pack them up and ship them out, or make them go through the immigration process. Illegal means AGAINST THE LAW. This is the “Land of the free” not “Land of Free”

P.S. I just found this on the web.
I love Sheriff Joe Arpaio. My aunt lives in Phoenix and has been telling us about him for years. I love what he has done for the county prison system out there. So when I was looking around on the Drudge Report, I saw this article.
Gotta Love Joe!



SC GirlyGrl said...[Reply]

I agree...I have no problem with immigration, it's the illegal part of it that really rubs me wrong. Due to where I work, I have seen legitimate citizens that need help, but can't get it due to the current situation with immigration.

Immigration is good, if one does it legally.

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