Monday, July 24, 2006

Fell off the wagon...

Recently I have fallen of the blogging wagon, so it's about time I got back on. You know it's bad when Napoleon says I need to blog.

So what's new? Let's see. The downstairs of our home is almost finished. The dining room is gorgeous and I love the living area. We bought a new stainless steel dishwasher courtesy of Lowe's clearance sale and Joe and Greg installed it on Saturday.

Here at work we are preparing for Napoleon's departure to law school. His smiling face will certainly be missed. We have been working hand in hand the past couple of months. I am excited about the changes, once again with the office. It had been originally decided that my boss would have two Administrative Assistants. I have been the main and the other has been a backup (Napoleon), and someone with whom the Office of Planning shares. I think that plan has gone down the tubes. We had a wonderful temp in Thursday and Friday. Hopefully she will be back. A new desk has been brought in for my move to another desk. I would be outside my boss's office and the other person will sit at my (current) desk and will be a Receptionist instead of being an Administrative Assistant. We shall just see what happens.

Let's see what else.....oh, my OB/GYN called me on Friday. He was on vacation when we had the m/c. Anyways, we have a plan now. When I have another BFP, I am to call him immediately and we will schedule an appointment and blood work will be drawn that day. Then probably every two or more days I will go in for more bloodwork to watch the HCG levels go up or down. Unlike the meany who saw us the day we had the m/c, he does not believe we should seek infertility treatment. First we don't believe in most treatements and second he feels (as we do) that it will be a waste of time and money at this point.

We had a wonderful time this weekend. His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Arinze was in town as a guest of Bishop Baker. He was the main celebrant of mass at the Cathedral on Sunday and gave a wonderful homily. Afterwards, there was a small reception. We all were able to line up to greet Cardinal Arinze. Being a convert, I was previously informed how to kneel and kiss his ring. I saw many people kneeling and kissing his hand. This was ignorance on their part- but it's not everyday that you have a Cardinal around, or the Bishop for that matter. Anyways, so I had my opportunity to kneel and kiss his ring. As for kissing a bishop or cardinal's ring, a bishop is a modern day apostle. Apostles are appointed by Christ and the ring signifies this divine appointment. To kiss a bishop or cardinal's ring is an act of great humility as it acknowledges that divinity.

Thanks for all the patience and prayers!!


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