Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Second Wedding

Most people only plan one wedding in their life- especially to the same person. I, however, am in the process of planning my second wedding to my darling husband.

Our second will be a small ceremony, not unlike the first, at our parish. We are eagerly anticipating the date we can have our marriage convalidated. Basically meaning that it will become valid in the "eyes" of the Church.

Here is the dress I purchased for our wedding. It is a lovely shade of light Ivory and has beading on the bodice and a lovely, flowing chiffon skirt. My first gown was special and with it being strapless - is completely not appropriate for church. This ceremony is more low key so I wanted something bridal but low key as well. Not a big wedding gown.

When I got home to show my darling husband my new dress, I threw on my original veil just for kicks. He LOVED it!!!

One of my DEAR friends, C, suggested I purchase another veil (before I tried on mine again). I chose this one. But Joe has talked me out of it and said it would be better to tie in the original wedding with this one. And also since most of the women coming to the ceremony will be veiled, Mine will stand out more.

We also decided to do a barbecue at our house later that afternoon/evening for the guests. This is totally different then the elegant dinner at 82 Queen we had for our first reception. Since the wedding is low key - so will the party. Greg has been doing an awesome job of grilling and smoking on the grill lately. So far we have decided on ribs, pulled pork, and chicken as the main fare and of course all the sides to go with it!

More details will come!!!!


Napoleon said...[Reply]

Date? Time?

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