Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Friday!

So the pregnant lady is NOT in a chipper mood today. (Go figure)I slept the entire commute in this morning and I am SO ready to go home. I thought this morning I would just write some idol thoughts.

Superman Returns Sucks

ok, I won't give any spoilers but here goes. My dad bought tickets to the 6:00 showing of Superman Returns 3-D at the Charleston Imax. For those of you who don't know Imax, it's a 5 story screen and 12,000 watts of surround sound. So the preview looks hilarious of some character movie coming to Imax 3-D. It left such an impression that I can't even remember the name. Oh well. Anywho... 1/2 way through the movie, we had a power outage. Now, the actual outage lasted all of 10 seconds but it was enough to stop the movie and reset the sound. In other words, "time's up folks, come get a rain checque." So my DH went down and stood in line for over an hour getting us tickets for next week (they have been sold out each day since it premiered). I think I'm going to let Joe, Dad and Greg go because to tell you the truth, the movie is horrible. It is NOT worth my time sitting through it AGAIN.

and the crabbines continues....

My BIL (brother -in-law) is "supposed" to be leaving TN this morning and be driving down here to live with us (for a short while) and then move out to his own place here in Charleston. I've been hearing this story for 18 months. I'll believe it when I see him pull in the driveway. He and my DH are supposed to be setting up our company again and start working on some projects.

Meanwhile I will be making sure hearts aren't being broken all along the Carolina coast. Ladies, he may be handsome and sweet but he's not the type to be "settling down" (again). At leat not right now. Who knows, people can change. (doubtful but probable)

It is dark and gray and I would so like to be back in bed. No morning sickness yet but I am definetly tired. As each day passes we are getting more and more excited. We were deeply dissapointed in January when two days later we miscarried. Our first appointment is July 26th. Hopefully we will have an ultrasound showing our little sack and our little "bean". If we are REALLY lucky, we will be able to see the heartbeat at that appointment. If not, we will see it at the next one. We will definetly be posting pictures so stay tuned!

Happy Friday!!


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