Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How Tall This Fall 2011??

After a great trip to Charlotte, NC, the family headed west across the state towards Hendersonville. We arrived at our destination, Sky Top Orchard
, just in time for a late summer rain shower.

The rain didn't dampen our spirits, we headed towards their covered picnic area and settled down for lunch. God smiled down on us, because we were able to go pick apples shortly after finishing our meal.

We had wanted to pick our favorite apples, Honeycrisp. The orchard had just started picking them on August 15th, but unfortunately none were left. Well, they were left alright, on the ground. I didn't feel like digging around on the ground to try and salvage some apples. So we picked Galas again.

John-Michael enjoying his lunch

The boys are growing like weeds!

Heading into the orchard

Sneaking apples

Joe helping John-Michael pick apples

These are Stark Brothers Royal Gala apples. I love how these trees fruit from the inside all the way to the outer limbs instead of just the outer limbs. Each tree bears more fruit that way.

Beautiful, ripe apples....

We picked a peck of apples. Due to the prices at the orchard, we typically will pick a peck at the orchard and then buy the half bushels at McAbee's Fruit Stand in Hendersonville. We always buy our apples on teh way out of town so they aren't sitting in our car during the festival. This year it seems that everyone else had the same idea.

McAbee's was completely sold out of apples. So we got in the car and headed down the interstate to Saluda, NC (home of Boys Scout camp Bob Hardin) and to the Atkin's Orchard roadside stand. I now have a new favorite place to go! we brought home 4 bushels of apples and 1 bushel of peaches! We were able to buy seconds where we can't normally find them. And since I am making and canning a ton of applesauce, there is no need to buy highest grade apples. Mr. and Mrs Atkins were lovely people and i can't wait to give them more of my business. I need to find out what cultivars of apples they sell.

Mmmmm... Can not wait to bite into these!!

Until Next year!!!


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