Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wintergreen Falls

One of my favorite places in western North Carolina is Dupont State Forest. I have been going here for at least 10 years, in my pre-Joe life. Our first date was hiking and waterfall shooting way back when. :) We usually to my three favorite waterfalls but this year, we decided to go to a new one.

We headed from Sky Top Orchard down Pinnacle Mountain Road to Dupont Forest the the Guion Farms Access area. Along the road we saw two big flocks of wild turkey. They were on the road and they walked off the road into the field (right) or into the woods (left of the car) when we came upon them. Too bad it's not turkey season!!

Once you get to the parking lot of the Guion Farms Access area, the water fall directions are pretty bad after that. Here are some simple ones.

Travel South through the field. (Far right of this photo)

Travel down this path.

Forget everything the directions say about going South (you will come to 3 forks, go Southwest by staying on the big trail), over a creek (covered up by a culvert), etc.. Just Stay on the large trail/road. If it looks like a 4 wheeler could go on it, you are headed in the right direction. You will come to this sign, go left. You have traveled at least a mile if not more by this point.

Now the directions say, head alongside the stream and scamble over the boulders. Do not climb the steep path up the hillside. Well, Joe is scrambling over the boulders at the end of the path. Nope, it's not the way to go. The waterfall is upstream.

head up the small path up the incline. It looks like it dead ends at some huge boulders, but look around and to the left and you will see the small path continuing up the hillside. Scramble over these boulders and you will be at the falls.

Becareful as these rocks are slippery. You might end up wet.

Enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the falls.

Lay down and enjoy the sounds.


And if at all possible, hitch a ride back to your car and take a snooze while you are at it. ;)


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