Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Pictures

Here are the latest pictures of our baby. Baby is now measuring 7 weeks 5 days which puts us right in an October 5 through October 8th due date. We saw the heartbeat again AND got to hear it!!! The heartbeat is currently 164 bpm. It was awesome to hear that. When you think that your little one is somewhere between the size of a blueberry and a grape and you heart something as tiny as the heartbeat, it is amazing. If we go off the "old wives' tale" of fetal heartbeats, this baby would register as a girl. Joe is still hoping for a boy, and I just want a healthy baby. We still have about 3 more months to go before we learn the sex of the baby. (I don't think Joe can wait that long!)

Our doctor also have us a 4-D image of our baby.

If we were to somehow insert a camera in to see, this is what the baby would look like.

So, as you can see, we are moving right along.

Next week, our baby should look like this:

The doctor says we are progressing nicely and that I am to see her again in two weeks.


SC GirlyGrl said...[Reply]

That's so awesome! I'm praying this goes well for you, and tell Joe that studies have proven that often times, when a man is a lot older than the woman, the child is a boy, but then there is always that possiblility that it just might be a girl! Love ya.

Heather said...[Reply]

Congratulations and good luck. My mom always says that once you reach nine weeks being pregnant gets alot easier - less sick and more cool things like feeling the baby move around!

Shannon said...[Reply]

Congratulations! That's so amazing you get to see such neat pictures of your baby!

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