Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pregnancy should be an oxymoron

So here are some interesting things regarding pregnancy.

First: The Medication I am on CLEARLY states on the bottle - DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. Um.... the whole reason I am taking this is BECAUSE I am pregnant!!

Second: Prenatal Vitamins state to take with a full meal or full glass of water. So basically, I threw up my meal, now you want me to eat another one? Or am I to drink a whole glass of water which will either make me sick or have me up going to the bathroom for the rest of the night?

Third: Thinking of food makes you sick, looking at food makes you sick, smelling food makes you sick: yet you have to eat in order to not be sick.

Luckily I have only thrown up three times. Twice was meals including Shrimp - so I think I have to stay away form that one, and the third was my anti-nausea medicine (go figure that one).

I felt horrible Sunday night (b/c of what happened - not how I was feeling) as we went to 82 Queen after Mass to celebrate some dear friends of ours' 35th Wedding Anniversary. They hosted a party at 82 Queen, and it was wonderful. No sooner than I got to my car at the Cathedral, did I throw up my entire meal. Lovely. Didn't even make it to the grass. Luckily, We found a hose and Joe was able to hose it down to be respectful of others.

Today I should be 7 weeks 2 days. So Sunday passed the longest time I have been pregnant. I have an appointment tomorrow, so there should be another picture coming soon of the little one if all goes well.

Can I say that I am tired of being pregnant?


SC GirlyGrl said...[Reply]

Congratulations!! I hope this works out for you. I will be praying for you.

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