Friday, February 16, 2007

Our Little Valentine

Early this month, I got a suprise. And on Wednesday, Joe and I went to the doctor and got our first glimpse of our little surprise.

Yes, I am pregnant again. On Wednesday, I was 6weeks and 3 days pregnant. Our little one is about the size of a pea and already has it's heartbeat. My EDD is October 7th, so this will be a great little Second Anniversary present. My doctor has me on some medication, progesterone, to hopefully prevent a miscarriage by bumping up my progesterone levels, but there is never anything that will truly prevent a miscarriage.

We thought we would share the first pictures of our little one with you. (it is the grey bean inside the black pear looking shape)


Heather said...[Reply]

Congratulations on your happy news. I'll be praying for a successful term for you both.

I was really moved by your complete honesty ... great blogging!

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