Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3:00 Daily Review

So yesterday was a semi-bust. Joe needed to go to the main office in Columbia, so the boys and I tagged along to go to EdVenture Children's Museum in Columbia. It started out as a great morning as we actually left the house on time! (Looking back, I should have KNOWN something was wrong) We got to Columbia, made a deposit at the main credit union branch and headed to DOR. We dropped Joe off and I drove us to the museum (DOR and the Museum share a parking lot). Joe was only going to be there for an hour or two so it would be perfect for us to play while he worked.

We get to the museum, I put John-Michael in the Beco and get Joshua out into the stroller. That's when everything started going downhill. I noticed that Joshua's pants didn't fit right. I looked at the tag and Joe had put on a size 6-12m pants on him instead of his normal 2T. Oh well - no other pants in the car, so they will just have to do. Then I noticed that Joshua's shoes were on the wrong feet. No biggie, I was able to swap them. We go into the museum and NO one is there. That's right, they were CLOSED. Who would have thought they would have been closed???

It worked out anyways because we ended up going to Joe's Aunt's apartment and spending time with her until we went to lunch.So all in all, not a bad day.

It's now Tuesday and I am doing my 3pm review. I am nursing as usual and reflecting upon all that I have accomplished today so far. This is the time when I find myself either deciding to relax a bit, get my rear in gear, or just keep the pace going.

Today I have done:

Gotten Sweet Mustard Pork Chops in the
slow cooker (they are finished and smell FABULOUS!) Now I just need to decide on a veggie to go with our couscous.

Easy Herb Batter Bread is about to be finished with it's first proofing. Then I will put it in it's pan and let it rise again just before baking in time for dinner.

The dining room table is cleaned off from the bags of stuff from our trip to Atlanta. Everything has been put away in it's place, the table cloth is back on the table and the room has been swept.

Dishwasher has been run with a load of dishes and emptied.

Kitchen has been swept once. But will need it again since I have tracked mud all in from clipping fresh rosemary for the bread.

Half of the family room has been swept

A load of diapers has been washed and dried

The boys' toys from the den have been washed, sanitized and are drying and then to be put away in our new organizer.

Joshua and I have had a shower and Joshua is currently taking a nap. John-Michael went down for an early but long nap and is now awake.

I still have to bake the bread, clean the family room, fold some clothes, do Joshua's lesson for today.

I am looking forward to dad being here tonight so that Joe and I can go to our barn burner of a HOA meeting that will happen tonight. Not looking forward to that one.

All in all, it's been a productive day so far.


i beati said...[Reply]

That's a tall order for a young mother - anxious to see new pics of boys.a lonely granma in Sebring Fl..Sandy

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