Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Angels

So this morning, I awoke to Joe and Joshua talking in hushed voices. Joe was about to leave for work, Joshua was sitting up in bed and I could hear the cooing of John-Michael from the nursery. I asked Joshua to go tell his brother "Good Morning" and I hopped out of bed to help Joe leave for work.

As I was standing on the stairway landing and fixing Joe's scarf and kissing him goodbye, the distinct smell of baby powder flooded my nose.

I rushed the 6 steps to the nursery and found this:

Joshua exclaimed "Look Mommy! John-Michael is a Snow Angel!"

Isn't this the cutest, guiltiest look ever????

Hmm... This one looks pretty mischievous as well.

My "Snow Angel"

Happy little "Snow Angel", although he kind of looked like a white, Australian Aborigine to me. LOL

So, what a start to our morning. Luckily this week is "Zone 3: bathroom and extra room" which is the nursery. So I won't be getting out of routine by having to scrub down all the baby powder off the crib, the hassock, etc....

And we were up, showered, and dressed by 9am thanks to a very early morning shower. LOL


Jessica said...[Reply]

lol, that is too cute! even if a lot of work to clean, I'm sure :)

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