Monday, July 25, 2011

Homeschool Beach Explore

Our Endeavor homeschool group met out at Folly Beach this past Thursday for a low tide beach excursion. Usually, they find really cool things like horseshoe crabs, starfish, sea pork, etc... This was not a very prolific exploration, hopefully we can go back out there on a full moon low tide.

We met at the end of Folly Beach. You have a 1/4 mile walk to the beach.
John-Michael LOVES riding his Daddy's shoulders.

Joshua walked and road Joe's shoulders.

Nikki had already been there for a little while and had already found the startfish.

Joe and John-Michael admiring the blue crabs that Ted had caught

We climbed over the Jetty rocks to see if there was anything on the other side. Sometimes rays are caught over there. The surf was really rough so we didn't stay on that side for very long.



deceased baby starfish

Joshua is curious about the baby starfish

John-Michael was digging for treasure

the boys don't like walking on all of the shells

Joshua and Bella "swimming out to the lighthouse"

Not our cutie, but she's a sweetie!

here's our cutie!

Bella climbing one of the trees in the boneyard.

We went over towards the boneyard section of the beach to play on the dead trees

smiles at sunset

Joshua is curious about the madreporite on the starfish

a closer examination

Joshua releasing the starfish back into the sea

sunset on the island


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