Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Homeschooling Planners

So planners seem to be a big deal in the homeschooling community. Not only to keep us on track, but also to help show the work that has been done (our records). This morning, Angie over at Many Little Blessings wrote on how she creates her planner. I thought there were some great concepts in her book.

While at the IHM National Conference, I saw these From Family Centered Press:

I really liked that they would incorporate the Daily Planner and the Lesson Planner and the Menu in one book!! I love all of the traditional art that they have for their planners as well.

This morning on one of my Catholic Homeschooling Email lists, this link came up for a FREE PLANNER from Sanctus Simplicitus. There isn't a clip art picture of the planner but here are some of the features:
A Traditional Catholic Homeschool Planner

*Based Around the Traditional Liturgical Calendar*
*Room for 4+ Children's Lesson Plans*
* Menu planning available right on lesson planing page!!!*
*Color Coded for the Liturgical Season*
Download a Liturgical Wheel Here for Season Colors
*Special Devotions for Each Month*
*Saint Quotations and Bible Quotes for Each Week*

I LOVE this!! I'm having DH print these off today (because I am totally out of black ink at the moment) and see how they compare to what I am using now, and which one might be more useful.

Right now I am using Seton Home Study's Teacher Planner
in combination with their Seton Family Appointment Calendar

The Planner book is a generic plan book with weekly pages in the front and calendar pages in the back. I would love a book that has the calendar month at the front- complete with Liturgical Feast Days, and weekly gridded pages behind it.

So I will see tonight how the Sanctus Simplicitus Planner works out. I Love that the planner I'm using now is spiral bound, but the Sanctus Simplicitus planner isn't - and I'm not thrilled about that. I guess I can have it bound at the end of the year so I can keep our records per South Carolina State Law.

Note - I lovethat my Facebook images turn up teeny tiny here on the blog, but outside picture links turn out to be huge. And Blogger photo uploader just does not like my internet access (which is slowwwwwwww......). I guess I can't win. LOL

What type of Lesson Planner are you using this year???


Tiffany @ As For My House said...[Reply]

I use the Amy Knapp Christian Family planner for my general planning (appointments and such), but not school. All the school notes and records stay in the lesson plans that are part of the Sonlight curriculum (and one of the reasons I chose it!). Menu planning lives online at Plan to Eat ( of the handy tools for compiling recipes from various online sources, creating a grocery list, etc.

Kosel Family said...[Reply]
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Kosel Family said...[Reply]

I see you found our planner over at Sanctus Simplicitus! It should be out in book form all bound and neat in 2012. The monthly print outs will remain free but the printed binder will have a charge to it which will hopefully be minimal! Let us know how you enjoy using it :) Thank you for sharing on your blog!!! I'm going to look around a bit more, looks like you have some fun ideas!

Jennifer said...[Reply]

@Kosel Family

Kosel Family, Yes! I love your planner!! My only two requests would be bigger blocks, and customizable subjects. :) I can't wait for the bound version. I will more thank likely buy one next year to have!! Will you do customizable months as well? I am planning to use these as our record keeping per our state laws. Thanks for such a great product!!

Kosel Family said...[Reply]

Printed version out next month! New info up on

At the moment we aren't doing custom but tell me more what you are looking for. Are you looking to write in the subjects? A computer generated one that you print out and can customize? Would love to hear more, email me at

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