Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Plans Go Awry

When we homeschool, we are dedicating ourselves to educating our children and setting aside the time to do the educating. Yes, we are all constantly learning, so I am talking about setting aside the time to do book learning. So what happens when our plans go awry?

That happened this week. I went and got dad on Tuesday so we could watch the kids Wednesday for a funeral. Well, Tuesday was going to be a quick pickup and back home and do our schoolwork. Because homeschooling is flexible like that. ;) But we ended up being out ALL day. So Tuesday was shot. I did have dad sit down with Joshua and do a Math sheet (working on Tallying), and a handwriting sheet (backwards circles).

Wednesday, we went to breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and I was working on the new lesson plans for John-Michael because I received most of his Preschool Program from Seton on Tuesday. Time got away, and I realized I had just enough time to get the boys back home, grab a shower and head off to Sullivan's Island for a funeral. So schooling would be put off until after nap time.

Well, I had just gotten home and had done upstairs to change, when I heard the crying then my dad yelling for me to come downstairs. So I rushed downstairs to find John-Michael bleeding profusely from the forehead. I grabbed a clean towel and we held pressure for a couple of minutes until the bleeding ceased. A quick check of his pupils, and I knew he was good but would need stitches. So I ran upstairs and changed and we loaded up and headed to the Urgent Care Clinic for our doctor's office. We walked right in and was seen in 5 minutes.

He needed 3 stitches, but since they would not be subcutaneous stitches, we opted for the glue. He was glued up, and we were on our way. He started complaining about it itching and my dad tried to keep him from touching it. We had gotten to Raising Canes for dinner when I called the Urgent Care to say we would be coming back after dinner since he had ripped out the glue.

Everyone fed, we headed back to the clinic and John-Michael was butterflied bandaged up very nicely. Then he ripped off one of those. So out came some blue sticky bandage and he was bandaged up around his head. We got home around 8:30 so Wednesday was shot.

Thursday we got up, did a couple quick pages in our workbook and worked with manipulatives then we were off to the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry. Here are some pictures my friend, Nikki, took of the boys at the Children's Museum in the art room. we had a great time as always and it was a good first time for her and her daughter, Isabella.

the bandage really makes his cut look more worse than it is

Ta Da!

Friday is an "off day" for our school. It is a make-up day if we need it, b/c I really want to keep the boys on track of lesson plans. We were able to make up all of our work so we are still on schedule.

So what do you do when your plans go awry? Do you pick up where you left off and be "behind?" Do you forge ahead and make it up to stay "on schedule?" Or do you have another secret for dealing with unexpected events?


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