Monday, August 22, 2011

Queenship of Mary

August 22nd is the Feast day of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For our non-Catholic friends, it means we are celebrating the day that Mary was crowned Queen of Heaven (check out the link - it's very informative).

Today to celebrate, we are coloring St. John the Baptist Religious Catholic Church's coloring page of the crowning of Mary.

John-Michael wanted to use orange & brown with a bit of yellow for the halos.

Joshua colored Jesus in Red and Mary in Blue. He said that Mary's crown was "Sparkly" and drew rays coming from it.

Here is an activity that I came up with.

Items needed:

construction/colored paper cardstock (gold or yellow colored)
watercolor paint, brushes & water
smocks (optional)
newspaper (or mess containment of your choice)
hair dryer
print out of a crown

I chose THIS crown for our activity. Print your desired crown out onto your paper. Or if you paper is Uber thin like mine, print it out on plain paper and tape it to your window, then place your colored paper over it and trace.

Lay down your mess containment of your choice. I chose newspaper. We get a circular every Tuesday with the upcoming grocery circulars in it. I gave each boy their paint set and brush and their own water.

Allow the students to paint their crowns.

Once the students have finished painting. Set your hairdryer on the lowest setting and let them blow it dry. It takes just a few seconds.

When the crowns are dry, it's time to pull out the sequins, roses and glue!! My rose garden is still in bloom, so I pulled some petals from my spent roses.

Joshua loves gluing

John-Michael showing me a sequin


Here is the one I did




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