Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ectopic Pregnancy??????

So I called my Ob/gyn on Friday because I had been bleeding for 20 days. He is concerened it might be an ectopic pregnancy. He asked me to take a pregnancy test and call him back on Monday. Well, with everythign going on this past weekend I forgot. So yesterday I came into the office and had a voicemail from the practice. I told them I would do it first thing on Wednesday.

So this morning, I got up and took a pregnancy test. It came up positive. My sweet DH and I were like, "Huh?????". So I called the OB and they sent me for labwork. The results won't be available until tomorrow morning.

Poor Joe is so worried about me. I sent him an article Friday explaining ectopic pregnancies. He saw the words "Can be fatal" and is now convinced I am going to die. He is so worried!!!! This morning he was actually running around the house cleaning and vaccuming becuase he was so high strung.

We hope everythign is fine. My mother made a comment that what if I am pregnant and it's not an ectopic? Or what if I'm newely pregnant again??? I don't think so b/c of our charts - my temps haven't risen.

Guess we will just have to see!!!


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