Monday, February 13, 2006

Outdoor Lighting

So, Joe and I installed our outdoor lighting yesterday (Sunday, 12th). We got a $100 gift card after we bought our new washer and dryer (whohoo!!) at Lowe's. So we got 7 orchids (for me, am so excited - they were all on clearance for different issues - mostly either have bloomed out or cracked pots), two gallons of paint for our massively large master bedroom. We have SO many plans for this house. But will just have to see how it goes. Somewhere I have some more photos of the house and landscaping. Joe and I are planning to re-do the landscaping in stages. Sine we aren't sure how long we are going to stay in this house - we don't want to get into a whole in detail process like he did with the Wellford house. So we got some paint and got some outdoor lighting. I talked him into it and told him to trust me. Well, they look good!!! We uplight the right side Crepe Myrtle, the right side Sago Palm and the Massive Sago Palm in the back. We saw an outdoor water fountain that we are going to get and install and add lighting to it. We want to be able to entertain this summer and want the backyard to look awesome. Our own little Paradise!!!

Here are some pics of the house:

So this is the front of the house. We are going to remove the large Japanese Privot from the front landscaping and put them in the back along the fence for privacy. They are WAY to large fro the front of the house and the windows!!

So everythign with a pot was removed with the previous owners. The Redtip Photenias on the left side were limbed up this weekend. WOW!! We now have an additional 10-15ft to our backyard!! You can see how she had a bench there at the edge of the photenias - imagine going back to the left another 10 feet! That stupid well house is going!!!

Another pic of the stupid wellhouse. I have already removed all the fake bunnies, squirrels, and skunks and the waving sunflower man (top right of the pic)from the yard. Yech!!! That bench is also gone.

While I wish our patio furniture looked like this - it doesn't. Ours is rectangular and white. I think I am going to work on it and recover the seats, etc. Put some color out there. You really can't see the sago palm in these pics. I will have to add some more. And take some at night time. You can sort of see the sago palm on the left hand side. It's not in the foreground but in the background.


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