Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Goodbye Jessica & David!!!

So Joe and I got invited to a wedding on Saturday. A dear, sweet coworker got married to her sweetheart!!! Joe and I took 15 rolls of film of their wedding photos. I can't wait to start getting them developed. They had a wonderful reception at Magnolia's, which is on East Bay street. Magnolia's is FABULOUS!!! I highly recommend them!!!

Sunday I gave my first tour for the Cathedral!!! Whohoo!!! it was great! I had 16 people in my group. My first tour was scheduled WAY back in January, but no one stayed after mass, then my second, I had my miscarriage. I did a great job and now I'm on the schedule for more!!!

On Monday, Joe and I both had the day off so we helped Jessica & Dave move. Dave is a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps and is currently stationed in Pensacola. They will be leaving Pensacola for Texas in a few short weeks.

Goodbye Jessica & Dave!!! You are always welcome at our home!!!!


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