Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Power of the Robin's Egg Blue box

Ask any woman where a Robin's Egg blue box comes from and spontanteous and instantly Audrey Hepburn, New York, 5th Avenue and Tiffany's will pop into her head.

Imagine my surprise at being presented with THE BLUE BAG!! Well, everyone knows that inside that bag contains a blue box, white ribbon, blue bag, and jewlery!!! Whoohoo!!!

Last night I was presented with my own personal blue bag. Wow! Completely floored. Inside that bag was by own little box. And inside that box was a little blue pouch. And inside that pouch was the Tiffany's "Return to Tiffany & Co." oval bracelet. Oh my!!

Now all I need is to have it ingraved with my "new" initials!!! I wish we had a Tiffany's down here. Why go to New York? There's a Saks on King Street! Wouldn't I wish that we had a Tiffany's on King. Goodness! I could be like Audrey Hepburn and have Breakfast at Tiffany's. heck! I could have Breakfast and Lunch! It's not but two blocks away!!

But, I will just have to settle for going to Atlanta or Charlotte. We do have a trip planned for Charlotte in March. I called Tiffany's in Charlotte and was told it would have to be sent to New York to be engraved.

I wonder if I can wait the 2-5 weeks until it returns?


To quote the Mastercard commercial "To have your initials engraved on jewlery from Tiffany's - Priceless"!!!


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