Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So this weekend we went shopping. And BOY did we shop!!! I am in total mood to "stage" our home that is for sale. Click here to view the listing

The home is a 1908 Colonial. It was hand built by the town blacksmith in Wellford. Joe bought this home in late December 2004 and began remodeling it. It started with the dining room and progressed from there.

Since we now live in Charleston there are only bare necessities at the house. We are going to change that. There is some furniture in my house in Greer and we are bringing up some of the furniture we have here. I found loads of picture frames and am putting in my "stock" photos. Pictures that I took like waterfalls, fall color, etc to hang up. I also found some great photos and put in some of our black and white wedding photos. Just enough to where people will get an idea but it won't be overpowering (like our stairwell here - it's a WHOLE Davis reunion there!!)

I found some grat throw pillows to jazz up the couch, bedding, accessories, etc. I can't wait to get up there and work on the house. We can't wait to sell this house.

We started looking at new subdivisions this weekend and were VERY disapointed in some and we found one that looks promising. Sorry builders, we just aren't interersted in paying $100,000 more for 300 more sq ft, less of a back yard, and no trees.

Keep checking back as I put in the photos from our new "spruce up"!


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