Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just another weekend....

My wonderful parents came down to visit us this past weekend. It was so good to see them. They had spent the week with my grandparents in Garden City and came down here to help break up the drive home.

We did a little shopping yesterday and Joe and I purchased a metal hanging pot rack. We can't wait to get that up. The new kitchen curtains look fabulous and Joe and I put up one of the new kitchen lights on Wednesday; Joe and my dad did the other last night. They look SO good in our kitchen.

We are excited about the updates to our home security system. It's great and we love the new features. One of the new features is a medical alert pendant which my dad can wear when he comes to visit. That way, we can go to work and not worry about him because 911 is just a press of a button away. Plus we don't have to worry about our house while we are away.

I think sage green is the consensus for painting the kitchen. However, Sherwin Williams now has the Colors of Charleston in their paints and I think I chose one from there, but I can't remember the name. And no, I'm not going downstairs to pull out my Charleston Home magazine to look it up right now.

I think my DH is getting a little hungry for some lunch, so I'm now off to my second job of being a good wife.

Have a great Father's Day!!!


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