Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's Over! It's Final! We sold hour home in Wellford! We spent all weekend and yesterday moving and going to the closing!! We are so exhausted but are thankful to God that he allowed everything to go fairly smoothly.

We decided to keep my house in Greer as our little vacation cottage. That way, we have some place to go if there is a large hurricane but also when we go up to visit. Now when we go up it's because we want to, not because we HAVE to!! yeah!!

We purchased (at my favorite store) and hung a chandelier for our breakfast area several weeks ago. I had not been able to find matching lights fo rthe kitchen until Sat. We found our chandelier at the Lowe's in Spartanburg and saw that the finish is called Midnight Gold AND they had a matching light to go with it. So we bought two of these and are SO excited to change out the lights this week in our kitchen. With the new Waverly Mistral Redcurtains (similar to the valance on teh link but without the check)in the kitchen and the new lights all we have to do is strip the ugly 80's wallpaper and paint and we are good to go!! (except for new appliances which will come eventually)

We also got a new new sleighbed and new mattress and boxsprings. We will have to pick those up in a couple of weeks when we go back up. We have so much furniture that we want to bring back and swap out since we bought a lot when we "staged" the house. Now it gets to come back here!! But we will be patient. This coming weekend we are resting and having another visit from my parents.

Blessings to all!


SC GirlyGrl said...[Reply]

Congratulations!!!! Glad to hear that.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...[Reply]

Real Estate sales equate cash flow...cash flow is good...

BTW, may I add a link to your blog to my soon to be list of fellow Carolinian's blogs?

Jennifer said...[Reply]


Thanks for asking, and yes please add me!

You and my DH have a lot in common! I think i hear the term "Cash Flow" at LEAST 5 times a day!! LOL

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