Thursday, June 22, 2006

Notes and Observations

So Tuesday night we sold our Honda Civic. We pray that the car will give the young couple who purchased it many years of enjoyment.

While driving into the city yesterday morning, I noticed a few things. First, you would think that in a city as large as Charleston there would be some good radio stations - WRONG!! I have lived here almost a year and I have found ONE station and it is AM!! Ugh. Where is my B93.7, 93.3 The Planet, KISS 95.1,107.9 The LINK or the miriad of stations I had programed into my car. Heck, I could listen to Russ Cassell and WORD all day right about now.

While driving in I could also smell the marsh around the Ashley River. I asked Napoleon if he smelled and he said "No, why? You ask like that's a good thing." And it made me realize something. While I can't stand the Paper Mill sulfur smell when it lingers, it's still a "Charleston Smell" along with the Marsh. It's almost like perfume to me because I love being in Charleston and it is a smell that reaffirms that I am here. I think locals seem to forget that and take it for granted.

Like Joe and I. We've been down here since August of last year. It's been since January that we went to the beach,and December since we went to the Market. Now, we have been up and down King street alot. Usually because I'm going to the Pauline Books and Media store. And we usually go up Queen Street to go to Poogan's or something. I also walk down Broad to Burbage's or Queen Street Grocery for a sandwhich now and then.

Hopefully this summer we will tour around more. Now that we don't have to kill ourselves driving back and forth from Wellford and spending all weekend working on that house, we can live a little bit.

And maybe, just maybe, we won't be taking this beautiful city for granted.


Beneath the Carolina Moon said...[Reply]

Oooo the gumbo at Poogan's Porch. But do know its the mustard based variety, just in case you have a mustard aversion.


Jennifer said...[Reply]

I haven't had that. Typically at Poogan's I have the Shrimp & grits. I love 82 Queen's She Crab Soup. My great-grandmother made the BEST gumbo in the world. Before her Alzheimer's got bad and she passed on, I tried to get teh recipe. But hers is the kind with "a little bit of this and a little bit of that." I sure do miss her and her gumbo....

Napoleon said...[Reply]

Carriage Tour, I still like to take one every three years or so and I've lived her about 18 years (wow).

Jennifer said...[Reply]


I know I already answered this IRL, but thought I would just put a little post saying

CHECK!!! Done that one!!!


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