Tuesday, June 27, 2006


my goodness did I miss out this weekend. I knew that Nicole Kidman and Keith Uruban were getting married and I'm so glad for them! But wow, Jon Benet Ramsey's mother died over the weekend, along with Aaron Spelling (hope his production company will keep rolling out those tv shows we all love), and the most interesting death of the weekend: Pierce Marshall III (aka the guy who is suing Anna Nicole Smith for his daddy's money), this just proves to show you that you can't take it all with you. I wonder where this case will go now (i.e. his estate sues her and the lawyers get all the money).

We didn't go to the upstate as planned - the rain put a damper on that. But we met my parents in Columbia on Sunday to pick up my dad.

Yesterday he couldn't move his right arm very well so he stayed home. I came into work only to leave after daily mass since they are painting the Chancery with noxious paint. Why, oh why they won't close the building is beyond me. You can smell it from across the street. Even our canon-law Monsignor said we should close the building. Oh well, it't not up to us. My lovely little bos called me about 20 minutes ago and told me and a coworker to leave. I think I'm going to tough it out until after mass. Yesterday I went home and slept I felt so bad. I have a migraine like you won't believe.

So an update on my brother. He's now at 144lbs and it's supposed to be all muscle. Now this is the kid who a year ago did not weigh enough to make into the service. So that is good. His wife just HAD to go out there (TX) for his graduation and to stay. So she left everything (stroller, car seat, crib, highchair, pack N play, washer & dryer, furniture, etc..) they had (taking only a few baby clothes and a suitcase of her own clothes), spent all the money they had and bought two one-way tickets for her and her male friend for them to go out there. Two days out there she had no money for food and couldn't stay at the hotel any longer. She called my parents and my mother told her to go to social services on base. Now, this is the girl who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, the baby is transverse, left all her doctors up here, left the W.I.C. and medicaid and went to TX. She wasn't on Tri-care yet and hasn't seen a doctor. Real smart. My brother is still living in barracks but he is trying to get her an on base apartment. Social services gave her some canned goods, Brett moved her into another hotel and she is supposed to have an appointment sometime this week. Brett called my parents and told them more than likely he is being sent to the "Sandbox" (i.e. Iraq) as soon as he gets out of Tech School. He will get his orders in a week or so that will tell him what base he will be stationed at. So we just keep praying for the baby since the two parents don't have much common sense between the two of them.

on to the home.... this weekend we did a bit more landscaping and it is starting to really take shape. Even my dad made comment about it. Haven't really done more than that.

on to friends..... hop on over to Sc GirlyGirl's and check out her "Crazy Test". I flunked it so guess I'm not crazy! ;) I think the only one I answered to was about the older man question. But nothing is crazy about that. Just ask my DH!

well, back to smelling paint fumes!


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