Monday, June 19, 2006

Work, Work, Work.......

I had previously thought that after we had sold the Wellford home, we would slow down just a little. Nope. Last night we were at it again. We went to Lowe's around 6:30 and bought some lovely plants, mulch, and a new ice machine filter. Once we got home we started planting all the flowers as well as some of the plants I brought back from Wellford. I got the rose and canna lillies planted but not the day lillies and hosta. Hopefully this evening we will get those planted. We put down 4 bags of cypress mulch and I didn't realize how little it actually was. So we will definetly be buying more bags of it.

I started actually looking into it and in the last 3 months we have:

Hung two chandeliers
installed two lights
removed blinds in dining room
hung new drapes in dining room
removed the wallpaper from the dining room
painted the dining room
bought new furniture for the family room
painted the family room
new decoration in family room
removed blinds in family room
hung new curtains and wrought iron curtain rods in family room
hung new curtains in breakfast room (twice, actually)
new curtain in kitchen
removed the blinds from the breakfast room
removed wallpaper from 1/2 bath
painted and hung new decorations in foyer
begun working on new landscaping in front yard

This is all just in this house down here in Charleston and isn't including work on our home in Wellford or in Greer.

Now all we have to do is:
paint 1/2 bath
install new light and mirror in 1/2 bath
remove wallpaper from kitchen
paint kitchen, laundry room and breakfast area
finish trim work in family room
strip tongue oil, stain, and reapply tongue oil to dining room table

whew!!! Just writing all this makes me tired!!!

Tonight is my first board meeting of the Cathedral Women's Club, and my first meeting as Recording Secretary. I am looking forward to it and can't wait!! So with the meeting and the rain, it doens't look like we will be getting to any landscaping tonight!


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