Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All Decked out and can't wait to go.....

I am SO looking forward to tonight! Tonight is the Cathedral Women's Club Annual Benefit. If I wasn't so scatter-brained yesterday I would have remembered to turn in my raffle tickets. One of the Raffles is for a Moo Roo hangbag. Would LOVE to add that to my collection. Click Here to see more about Moo Roo.

So for tonight I chose a neutral beige August Silk top with a full, flouncy, Studio by Liz Claiborne skirt. The skirt has large tan, black and grey flowers. I love the way the skirt moves when I walk, makes it very dressy. I added my Wedding Pearls (yes, the ones Joe drove to Savannah to purchase the day before our wedding to say that I was a Proverb's 31 wife), and my new Tiffany & Co. sterling braclet.

Throw in my black semi-flats, white snood and my Burberry check handbag, and I am all set!!!

Since I've been tapped to be the next Secretary, I thought it would be nice to jazz things up a little. So yes, I am wearing a "little" bit of makeup.

So I can't wait!!!!!! Why, oh why, isn't it 5:00 yet?????



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