Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chrism Mass

On Tuesday, I was invited to attend the Chrism Mass for the Diocese of Charleston. I had never been to a Chrism Mass before and I was looking forward to it. It was truly a beautiful mass.

At first, since my husband was not there, I was nervous about where to sit. Some people have called me an extrovert, but at times like these, I am the biggest introvert there is. I hopscotched my way from pew to pew. The first one being directly behind a pillar (not good). I settled myself one pew in front of a Sister from the Daughters of Paul. Then I looked over and one pew in front of me was my dear friend "C". So I got up and switched again. It was like Musical Pews. But, I felt comfortable with her. She veils like I do. I loved looking around at all the veils. Mostly the Hispanic or Oriental women were wearing veils but there were quite a few white women wearing them.

While the Mass was beautiful my experience began while getting in line for Communion. At the present time, I am not allowed to receive communion. This is due to my marrying outside the church due to my own personal reasons which I will not get into on this board. So for the mean time, my DH and I must wait until October before our marriage can be convalidated and we can receive the body and blood of Christ again. So anyways, I decided to go up for a blessing. I went in line with everyone else, while the man before me was receiving, I genuflected (like Always) and stood before our Bishop (one of my bosses by-the-way) and immediately crossed my arms. He said "oh, okay" and proceeded to lay his hand upon my head and give me a blessing. I returned quickly to my pew. Why? Because I was shaking. I knelt and my arms and legs were shaking and were so weak. I can not describe it. I started crying, I could not control it. Over and over in my head I kept thinking (involuntarily)"Thank You!", "Thank You!", "Thank You!" Over and over this went through my head. I turned and quietly asked "C" for a tissue. She looked at me and she had been crying!

Later that afternoon, we stopped after work and chatted. "C" and I had the exact same experience! She was crying and couldn't stop and the "Thank Yous" were going through her head as well.

God really touched us through Bishop Baker. It was a most humbling and jubilant experience. I have been for blessing s before (while I was in the RCIA program- and a few since getting married) but this one surpasses them all!

God bless Bishop Baker and the priests of our beautiful Diocese of Charleston.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

The sacrafices that Christ made and the blessing that flows through people that serve him is what makes us say thank you and thank you all over again.

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