Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Will Kidman wed Urban in Catholic church?

By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 2:43 a.m. ET April 4, 2006
Will Nicole Kidman get a church wedding?

The actress, a devout Catholic, has had her marriage to Tom Cruise annulled so she can marry her sweetie Keith Urban in a religious ceremony, according to reports coming from her homeland of Australia.

“It is believed Kidman has been told she would be granted an annulment of her marriage to Cruise because that marriage did not conform to the requirements of the church,” according to Australia’s Sunday Mail. Kidman was married to Tom Cruise from 1990 to 2001.
As far as a future wedding to Urban, “the date hasn’t been set although June or July have been mentioned as possibilities,” a source told the Mail.

“I’ve never been told by Nicole that she is actually engaged,” Kidman’s Aussie spokeswoman told the Mail in dismissing the story. “If and when she marries again, I’m sure she will make some sort of announcement.” Kidman’s U.S. rep told The Scoop she has “no idea” if the story is true, adding, “I’m afraid [I've] never heard this before!”

**Okay, so here are my thoughts on this. GO GIRL! Tom Cruise is history and SO yesterday's news. He is only around because of his whole "relationship" with Katie Holmes. Who we all know comes from a devout Catholic family, who has in the last year fired her manager, publicists, family and friends AND has now conceived a child out of wedlock. All for the mind games of Tom Cruise.

If Nicole wasn't such a Lady, I would probably have to wander the streets of Nashville and beg to know what Tom is "really like".

Anyways, I am SO glad she is moving on with her life. I'm glad she went ahead and got her annulment based upon Lack of Form. This is the easiest form of Annulment you can receive from the Catholic Church. Once the paper work is filed the judgement can come in one to two weeks.

I do hope wedding bells will be ringing in Nashville this summer for Nicole. Good luck to them both!


Dennis said...[Reply]

Is Nicole Kidman living in Nashville? I didn't know that. I was sure my brothers, or a friend at seminary who is from Nashville Diocese, would have told me. Hmm.

Well, good for her. And now if we could just keep her from ever being naked in the movies again, that would be great. I'm sure now that she's come back to the Church, she won't do that again.

Poor little Katie. I know a priest who is assigned to her family's parish in Toledo. No one is very happy with things.

Jennifer said...[Reply]

Thank you for responding. My Brother-in-Law lives in Nashville and confirmed that they do live in Nashville but spend most of their time in Franklin(?).

My Dear Husband commented years ago (to others - this was before we met) that the movie Eyes Wide Shut would be the downfall of their marriage. Intimacy is between a husband and wife and should not be broadcasted to the world.

I pray for Katie and that she will remove herself from this cult. But I believe (IMHO) she has "stars in her eyes" for fame and glory.

Our pryaers are with you as you complete your journey to the priesthood.

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