Thursday, April 27, 2006

Storms and Blessings

Last night, we recieved horrible storms here in Charleston, from hail and severe rain here at my office to 70 mph gusts of winds at our house. Last night at around 7:15, the power went out. It was not restored until about 6:30 this morning. I was in teh middle of nightly duties (including tryign to feed my husband) when the power went off. We had thought to try and wait it out and finally ended up having to go out to eat. It is amazing that two of hte seven neighborhoods in our "conglomerate" had power as did the stip center near our house. But as we travelled to Summerville, it was dark!! So we turned around and ate at Zaxby's. We did have cnadles and one of my husband's toys: a two million candle watt flashlight. But we survived and just showed to us that we have preparations to make for the upcomming 2006 Hurricane Season.


Today I found out two wonderful blessings. One is that a dear friend, MN is engaged and is marrying this September. It is so wonderful to hear of couples going to be united in the Sacrament of Matrimony. MN is such a sweet person and I can't wait to meet her fiance. We will pray for the permanence, faithfulness and fruitfulness of their very blessed marriage.

The second blessing of the day (and by no means lesser) is the veiling of a dear friend N. The Holy Spirit has touched her heart and she has begun veiling while praying. We shall pray for the continuation of God's blessing upon her, the faithfullness to continue veiling, her obedience to Christ, and the courage to continue against the constant stream of modern cutlure.

May God continue his blessings!


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