Friday, September 22, 2006


So my dad had the bright idea to remove the folder containing all of my images off our company's website. So all of the images have disappeared. So please be patient while we wait for him to restore the folder.


My Life.....

My Life:

So what's going on in the D household, you might ask? Well here is a list:

1. We got married in the Catholic Church on August 5th
2. Have been remodeling our bathrooms upstairs (lighting, flooring, paint, etc..)
3. finished the downstairs bathroom remodel
4. finished painting the family room, dining room, Kitchen and breakfast area
5. bought several new toys (shop vac for Joe, Carpet cleaner for me)
6. started looking for a home on James Island
7. Put an offer on a home in James Island
8. Started a Bible Study class
9. had said above offer rejected
10. continuing to look at homes on JI

These are also not in any particular order. So as you can see, we have been pretty busy.

I have to say that I LOVE my new Bissell carpet cleaner!! And Joe loves his new 20 gal shop vac. WE are putting our house on the market and trying to find a home on James Island. We found a home and put an offer on it, and the sellers made us a little upset so we opted not to continue to negotiate with them. So we are still looking. It's interesting with the different housing markets. Our current limit is $275K. On James Island most of the homes are 13-1500sqft, brick ranch homes. Where we live, we could have a house built for that amount. In the upstate we could own a beautiful home in Greenville's Sugar Creek or some other fancy-schmancy neighborhood and in Spartanburg County- we could get a massive monstrocity for that amount. Here, we are looking at homes that are barely cutting it. Yesterday, we drove around at lunch time to see what we could find. I found some areas that I like and we went back and I got our agent to show us homes yeaterday. One is 2100 sqft, but that's b/c they convereted the garage. Its on a little pond but I dont' know. The pond was a little scuzy for my taste. It's still a contender though. My criteria is at least 1800, 3/2 and a two-car garage. So to see the homes we did (other than the first) I dropped the sqftg criteria and the garage criteria.

OMG! I can't even talk about the homes we saw. The last one we saw was interesting, to say the least. I HAD to call my mother IMMEDIATELY when I got home. Why? you might ask. That's because


The last home we looked at was small and WAY UNDER our price range - and it was close to the beach (REALLY close - like 5 minutes). Hm? I thought- wonder why. Well, once we got there - I found out. Because it was a "manufactured home". Now, up where I'm from they call these TRAILERS.

Not that I considered for a moment living there - but I had to see this. Why? Well, because I'm female and once I saw this I was curious. Now, what could be so curious about a trailer???


That's right - stilts. I HAVE SEEN IT ALL NOW!! Now, you always hear how dangerous it is to live in these things anyways, and it's close to the beach (a mile or so). And you constantly hear that they get picked up by tornados all the time - so YOU PUT IT ON STILTS????? HELLO????? Are we now trying to help it on it's way up?????

So Click here to see one of these homes up on stilts
So I have seen it all now. Last year it was a dilapidated home in downtown for $190K (we are talking falling-through-the floors, can-look-through-the-walls-to-see-your-neighbors, every-other-town-in-America-would-have-condemned-it- house) and now this. What will someone think of next???
Now: I'm going to send out some LURVE to SCGG who recently got sacked from her job. My understanding is that this is a good/bad thing, but haven't had my email responded to. I hope everything is better now!!!
I'm also going to shout out to Napoleon who we miss very much around here and he seems to be enjoying our nation's capital.
And last, definetly not least - to my BFF Jessi and her husband Brian who became first time homeowners today in HOT-lanta!!!! (Well, just outside Atlanta)

So Happy Friday to all - I promise not to be such a stranger!!!!!

Much Love and Blessings!!!
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