Thursday, January 10, 2008

We're going green!!

So since, January 1st, DS (Joshua) has only worn a handful of Pampers or Huggies. What? You say? That's right. We are tossing out disposable (sposies) diapers and have gone to cloth. Some people might think we are crazy. And at first I was. ON New Year's Eve I got my first "stash" of diapers. I had a couple dozen prefolds (the kind you fold), some Snappis (instead of pins), covers (not the granny panties you think of), and some fitteds (like disposables without a water proof liner).

I love them. My SIL bought a set for me that I found on Craigslist. It was 14 AIO (all-in-ones) and 13 covers. What a stash!! The AIOs are just like disposables, can come with velcro or snaps and all you do is take them out, out them on and throw them in the wash! I don't use a "wet pail" (most people dont' anymore), just use a cloth bag and throw it in the wash.
I am completely addicted to a site called B/c you can pick up diapers pretty inexpensively since they are used. There is a HUGE resale market for diapers and you can normally recoup 50-75% or more of what you paid. There are a ton of mothers on there and they are great to talk to.

I highly encourage you to do a Google search. Some brand names are Bummis (have covers), BumGenius, Happy Heineys, Muttaqin Baby (Mutts), Kushies (what I have), Under the Nile (what I have), Little Beetles (what I have), Thirsties (have some),the list can keep on going.

I am wanting a pair of Crankypants. You can see them at They are so popular that the owner does a drawing for 5 slots each month for a custom pair. Her regular stock doesn't stay in stock. I am also wanting some Mutts ( Her site stays sold out. She stocks once a month and there are mothers "stalking" the website by refreshing it on the day she stocks. It is sold out within minutes.

Mine aren't the cutest or most expensive but they work great! I have some items that I have listed in FSOT (For Sale or Trade) to get some items that I wanted. I have a set of Hypnobabies cds that retail for 139.99. I was hoping to get a pair of Crankies with them, but no one has offered. I do have one lady that has offered to knit some custom wool pants for DS in exchange for the set.

I am SO addicted! LOL.
Anyways, here is an article from the NY Times.,9171,1702357,00.html

Here is a great video to watch discussing different types of Cloth Diapers.

so, I keep getting requests for more pics of DS. Unfortunately, our computer CRASHED last week during the cold spell (we had power outages every 3-5 minutes for 3 hours). But I got a SWEET new computer. Its an HP tablet, laptop, pc. Is awesome. has swivel and lay down monitor, touchpad capibilities, Nvidia graphics, DVD burner/player. The works.

So I only have a few photos on here. So here are some new ones:

After 2+ years, we FINALLY got around to eating the top of our wedding cake. It tasted jsut as good as it did on our wedding. DS was asleep the night we did it, but the next night I fed him a little bit. YUM!

In his crib in the nursery

On the day of his baptism w/ me and his godmother

Smiling at Fr. Runnion after his Baptism

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!!!
May 2008 bring you much joy, happiness,
and everything else you might desire!!
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