Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Babies die to line Big Pharm pockets

So It's been a while since I've blogged (but not as long as Miss N) and it seems as if you are going to at least get a double whammy today.

News story

So parents in Argentina are mourning the loss of their babies to Big Pharm's "right" to Capitalism. Down there $8,000 is a lot, but I'm sorry, I wouldn't take a TRILLION dollars for my baby. Twelve innocent babies had to die so GSK could develop a vaccine against Pneumonia. Wonderful. That's just what we need. Granted, this might do well in nursing homes. But I see this as ending up as just another "requirement" for school. Similar to the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine that was created so that parents didn't have to be "inconvenience" by taking time off of work to care for their child.

I have a dear friend whose father works for a Big Pharm and she said "what about our X friend? Look at how bad that case was..."

Yes and No. Cases of Varicella as our dear friend got, are rare. And I now know (from talking to my mother) that her case was hugely aggravated by the incompetence of her pediatrician not the virus itself. It will be interesting to see all of these children who have been vaxed in several years. Why, You ask?

Because, the Varicella vax (and the "latest and greatest" ProQuad - yep, let's combine Measles, Mumps, Rubella AND Chicken Pox into one vax - that's smart) is only 10 years old. So let's say that the first ones vaxed were 5, that would make them 15 now. They will prob have to have a booster to enter college, or proof that they got the chicken pox naturally.

So after college, then what? You think adults are going to go and get shots? Heck no. And guess what happens when you get chicken pox as an adult - yep, you have a greater chance of dying. (There's a reason these are CHILDHOOD diseases, people! (smack forehead).

Ok, I need to stop or I'm going to have, as Glenn Beck would say, "blood SHOOTING out of my eyes!"

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You think your day was bad???

You could be this couple.

They have seriously "won" the lawsuit jackpot. Now, I am not a "sue happy' kind of person. But this case seriously warrants that. Not only is JP Chase Morgan in a serious bind, they need to start doing some serious PR damage.

If I were president of JPCM, I would be personally on a plane to TX with an open check book. This is after I would have a VP investigate and
1. Fire the company that removed the property
2. Fire the employee who processed the foreclosure
3. Fire the employee who accepted the PAYOFF of the original loan and did nothing to stop the foreclosure
4. Make sure that all 3 credit agencies remove any derogatory information off the previous owners credit report (they are now showing a foreclosure more than likely)

They would be put up in the nicest hotel in town and allowed to eat wherever they wanted until their house was ready for them to return. This family would be purchased whatever they wanted, I would probably hire an assistant to help them get all of their passports, immigration, whatever legal documents needed restored to them. I would pay for a lifetime membership to Lifelock to this entire family as their personal information is gone. I would pay off their brand new mortgage and I would offer a big settlement to them for mental anguish and all that.

I mean, look around you and look at your belongings. Sure some might be nice, some not so nice but isn't just about everything sentimental to you?

If this had happened to us, oh my Lord. I would probably end up on some serious meds. I would be absolutely heartbroken. I think about loosing our memories - our wedding photos, our computers, our scrapbooks, jewelry, clothing, furniture, gifts, sentimental knicknacks, china, everything. I think about loosing all of my sons stuff - his umbilical cord and hospital bracelets, his blankie that was crocheted by his Auntie Jessica and uses every night, his favorite toys, our tax returns, passports, marriage licenses, everything gone.

I feel so badly for this family. And reading from the comments page - this looks like it isn't the first case. There was one family who was sleeping in and woke to someone drilling out their locks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Happy Day and keep a watch our for your own property!
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