Friday, November 22, 2013

How Tall This Fall 2013

No fall trip to Asheville would be complete without our favorite orchard, Sky Top Orchard. We usually go up twice, once for the Apple Festival, and then to the Biltmore Homeschool Days. Due to our housing purchase, we opted for just a late trip the weekend of the festival.

We were disappointed in the selection of apples at that time so we definitely will make more than one trip next year!!

Wow! Look how much they have grown!!

Recap from Last Year:

To this:

My, how much they have grown!!!! 

Biltmore Homeschool Days

We love Biltmore's Homeschool Days!! We changed our times and went to the afternoon session. The moment we pulled up, a bus heading out to Solar Panel Fields was ready to go. Immediately they wanted to "Take the school bus." So off we went to the Solar Fields!
On our way we saw the Hatchery house on the property where baby chickens are hatched. 

Remember these from school? The middle school girls that sat beside me could not fold them! What is wrong with kids today???

I have more photos on the other camera. More are coming!

We upgraded our tickets to pass holder tickets. The kids were PASSED OUT so the parking attendants let us park up front and switch off getting our new passes. 

Love this house! 

Fall Trip!

Every year we head to the Biltmore Homeschool Days in Asheville, NC and this year was no different. We started out visiting our favorite pizza parlor, The Brick in Columbus, NC.

Mmmm... Gluten free pizza!!! 

That Supreme looks soo yummy!

We had a beautiful, two bedroom suite at The Residence Inn.

We stocked for groceries at Walmart. They even had a gluten free section!!

Princess loves the baby in the mirror!! 

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