Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Baby Davis update

Ok, so Friday I had a baby D scare, he wasn't moving very much. I tried everything and would get a half hearted attempt at movement. So called the docs and they told me to come on in. They hooked me up to a fetal monitor and sure enough the little squirt started moving. But he also had a lot of movements that I couldn't' feel. So doc did an ultrasound. The "problem" is three fold.

1. baby D moved to a head down position. He was diagonally from head to the left of my navel down to his feet in my left hip. So he swapped and put his head down in my hip and his little rear to the left of my navel.

2. I have an above average amount of amniotic fluid giving him PLENTY of room to move around in.

3. My placenta is still across the top of my stomach(kind of centered around my navel)

So those three things combined is what caused the concern. I also got some "startling" news. 1 is that the machine was estimating Baby D at 32-33 weeks (instead of 30+) and 2. estimating him to be 4.4lbs already. WHA????????? (yes, I deliberately left off the T)

So that was Friday.

This weekend DH and I got some shopping done. Bought a chenille rocker and ottoman for the nursery and the baby bedding. Since DH left for out of town on Sun, I went and got stocked up on diapers. LOVE coupons and specials. And the fact they were tax free this past weekend. So I think I am good for the first month or so. Have 3 boxes of 96ct each of newborn size and a box of 216 of size 1's.

On Monday evening about 8:00 I started having contractions. Quite an interesting feeling. I did everything to make them stop, and nothing seemed to work. Since they weren't "progressing" (getting stronger, coming closer together, etc), I knew they were Braxton hicks. I also could tell that I was not dilating or effacing so I wasn't concerned. So Tuesday morning i called the docs office to tell them that while I had a 3:30 appointment, I would come in sooner if they wanted me to due to the contractions. They had me come in. So they hooked me up to monitors one fetal and one for the contractions. Well, let me tell you. Baby D decided that it was time for him to work on his audition to RiverDance. He also had the hiccups while he was dancing. Quite interesting to listen to - I tell you. Even the doctor was laughing at him adn saying that we might just not be able to keep him on the monitor since he kept moving around so much. And I told her "see why I was concerned on Friday?"

This, of course, is NOT the first time that she has hinted around that my child is hyperactive. The last time, she politely asked if I had ingested some caffeine before coming in. I hadn't in weeks.

But I guess, like father, like son.

Oh - and I'm so excited - all my vitals were still in order and I had LOST A POUND in the two weeks since my last visit (am down to a visit every two weeks now instead of every four). Yay!! That means only 11lbs for the pregnancy!! yay!!
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