Monday, February 25, 2008


Ok, so the camera and the Chinese food I ate last night added 50lbs to this picture - LOL. So just focus on my cutie. he is sitting on the insert portion of his potty while we are doing ECing (Elimination Communication). He was having a bowel movement when this was shot.

Our Diaper Stash

So here is our stash. Starting from the top we have a container that contains most of our prefolds - infant and premium. I also have large sized Kushies and Thirsties covers as well as two large Thirsties fitted diapers

On the next shelf in the left hand basket are my fitteds. I have my medium Kushies fitteds then the three Under the Nile fitteds then the green Little Beetle fitted and the purplish blue Baby Beehinds fitted on top of the basket.

On the right side of the shelf are my covers in their basket. We have Bummis Super whisper wrap in white and Froggy pond, followed by my Thirsties covers in white, blue and green, then I have our wool - a Stacinator, Aristocats, Little Beetle, Baby Beehinds and a WAHM shorties.

The Bottom shelf is a couple of premium and infant prefolds stacked then my basket of All in ones. I have Kushies One Size and Bumgenius 2.0 One size in Buttercup, Twilight, and Grasshopper.

Hanging are my two wet bags. A blue WAHM and a green Swaddlebees.

Missing are my chocolate brown with blue snaps Mommy's Touch One Size All in One (my favorite diaper), and 3 more grasshopper Bumgenius 2.0 and a couple more Kushies. They are all in the diaper pail except the Mommy's Touch as it is waiting for DS to wake up so I can put it in him for bed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So, DH and I got away for a day. My parents took DS for the night on Friday and kept him Saturday as well. DH flew in from Seattle late Friday night. On Saturday morning, we drove to Savannah for the Irish Festival. we tried to get reservations in at The Lady & Sons for dinner. At 1:00 in the afternoon, they were completely booked for lunch AND dinner.

So we headed off to the festival. While we were at the festival listening to some great Irish music, watching Irish dancers and shopping, we were debating about where to go eat.

We thought of the Pirate House, a restaurant that we had eaten at on our previous trip to Savannah two years ago.

But, when I was looking at the Savannah map, I saw an add that caught my eye, it was for Casbah, a Moroccan restaurant. So I called for reservations.

At 6:00, we got to the restaurant and were seated. They have no seating on the floor, but all of the tables and chairs were lower than what we are accustomed to. The ceiling and walls were draped with silk and velvet to look like the inside of an exotic tent. In the center of the room, a belly dancer was performing and was teaching some Girl Scouts some of the movements.

Joe and I ordered. After ordering, the server brought out warm water and a cisetern to wash our hands as it is customary in Morocco to eat with your right hand. He also brought us Moroccan bread and hot sauce which tasted like enchilada sauce with a kick and the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon we had ordered.

Our appetizers came next. Mine was shrimp with honey and caramelized apricots, and Joe got the Shrimp Casablanca which was shrimp in a garlic sauce. YUMMY!!!!

Then for dinner I had the spicy roasted lamb and Joe had the lamb with honey and caramelized apricots. They both were served with rice, green beans, carrots and potatoes. It was fabulous. Eating with your hands was a great experience.

Every twenty minutes or so, one of the two belly dancers would come down and perform for a few minutes. it was great entertainment.

The server came back out with hot water to wash our hands and then sprinkled them with rose water. Mmm... they smelled so good afterwards.

For desert (which we ate with forks) I got the coconut, pineapple and chocolate wrapped in phyllo dough. Joe got Baklava.

After dinner another one of the dancers was performing and got several of us there with her. I went with them and got to bellydance with them. The dancer showed us the moves and we performed with her. It was great!!

Joe had an awesome time watching me and said that i did very well!!

All in all, it was a great experience and we can't wait to make a trip back to Savannah and DEFINITELY back to Casbah.

Comments to Beneaththecarolinamoon

in one of my last posts, Dread made some interesting comments that I thought I would answer.

1. Designer diapers - yep, they aren't the kind your mamma used! And I love them. Now I do have the plain ole boring prefold diapers. They are the kind you have to pin (even though pins aren't used anymore) and need a cover (you dont' use plastic pants either).

2. White versus color - When DS has a poopy diaper I do one of two things first. I either shake out any solid formed poppies into the toilet or if there isn't anything really solid - I throw it in the wash. I always do a cold rinse/prewash, followed by a hot wash then cold rinse. The diapers come out clean. Actually, even with all of my diapers being pre-owned, most of the stains on my Kushies and Bumgenious are Butt Paste stains. now there are stains on my prefolds. Yes you can use bleach, but you don't want to use it often. 1. because it can cause some pretty bad rashes with sensitive skin babies, and 2. it breaks down the fibers. What I am going to do is wash then lay them outside to dry. This is called Sunning and all the stains magically disappear.

3. Fad diapers - Yes there are fad diapers in the diapering world. One is called Mutts ( I have personally seen this happen with these diapers. I had a little bit of money in Jan and found out she was having a stocking (where you upload your stock to your hyenacart for sale). So I registered at hyenacart ( - an online mall for work at home moms) and waited until the stocking time. So I logged on and within 14 minutes ALL of the diapers were sold. there were 220 shoppers on her one page. It dwindled down to 168 for the diapers I wanted. They were AIO diapers that had embroidery. They were beautiful! one was a peapod and had Sweetpea, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, some celestial themes, etc. The stocking was at say 5:30. I literally refreshed the page and at 5:30:02 they WERE ALL SOLD!!! I screamed and DH was like, What? And I was like "they're gone!!!!!"

THere are more fad diapers like GADS (Green Acre Designs) which I need to check on b/c that mama said she might make some St Patrick's Day diapers. There are Goodmammas which a mother is offering to sell me a brand new one for $33.

There are also things like Crankypants which can go for $90 and up. i was hoping to trade my hypnobabies set for a set of crankies for my wee beastie, but I didn't I am getting two pairs of custom knit longies. They are being made now. YAY!! Keep checking back for an update on that!!

We might be coming to the Upstate for a function with my great-aunt. She is celebrating 20 years playing the piano at her church. We want to go but with all the Flu and Pertussis going around up there we are uncertain. I also need to get to the Jockey Lot as there is something there we have to get to match our longies.

Hmmm...Did that peak your interest???? Keep checking back!!! LOL

Friday, February 01, 2008

Palmetto Diaperworks

Here is Ryan with PalmettoDiaperworks based here in Charleston.
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