Thursday, September 27, 2012

Princess D's Epic Newborn Stash!

(L-R, Top Row)Mojito*,Ocean, Lime, Burnt Orange, Sunflower, Bahama Blue (L-R Middle Row)Auburn*, Plum*, Salmon*, Cotton Candy*, Melon*, Tiffany Blue* (L-R Bottom Row) Amber*, Periwinkle*, Violet, Lavender*, Tulip Red, Flamingo
Bahama Blue - dyed originally for John-Michael
Tiffany Blue* I LOVE this color, and love Tiffany & Co!! The knit skirty is handknit by me and the longies set is colorway Iced Giraffe
Tulip Red and a Muttaqin Baby Newborn fitted in Baby Nay's Pink Dotted Elephant
Flamingo with unknown flannel fitted
Salmon*, I had to use the flash so you can see the color differences. NB longies of unknown colorway.
Lavender*, with a Goodmama Newborn Sakura Tea fitted in a Baby Nay print
Cotton Candy*
Burnt Orange - orginaly dyed for John-Michael. This color is either no longer available or is called "Goldfish" now.
Sunflower - originally dyed for John-Michael. Handmade chick diapers by me.
Auburn* - Skirty is hand dyed and hand knit by me.
Lime - Originally dyed for John-Michael. Color is no longer made by Dylon. Fitted made by me.
Ocean - originally dyed for John-Michael. Sailboat fitted made by me.
Mojito* shown with a fitted made in Baby Nay's Lemon Lime
Amber* - shown with longies set in Iced Giraffe
Dress in Mosaic Moon's Autumn Custom with Violet trim on what I believe is Cestari wool. Shown all the diapers I can't wait to pair with it! The * denotes colors I created with various dyes. If there is no star then the color name is given from the package of Dylon dye. I have had such a great time nesting for this baby and creating all these beautiful diaper sets!!
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