Monday, June 20, 2011

IHM National Conference

I went with Ashley to the national IHM conference in Herndon, VA (suburb of Washington, D.C.). We met some great people like Lacy over at Catholic Icing

It was a great, faith-filled, educational conference! For most of the speakers, Ashley and I divided and conquered (although I think she got some of the better speakers).

I wasn't pleased with the conference location. The speakers and shopping were so spread out we spent a good deal of time just walking from one location to another on the opposite side of the hotel.

I also have to agree with Lacy, when you advertise for FREE Admission, it should be FREE. But all of us were caught of guard when we saw this at the registration tables:

I did leave with a new, head covering friend, some great homeschooling supplies, 3 new veils, and lots of ideas for our upcoming school year!!

If you homeschool, I highly recommend that you attend a conference near you!
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